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Is it difficult to use pixelBook to publish a magazine?
PixelBook is easy to use, you can publish your content in just a few minutes, with a simple drag & drop. You don't need any programming skills nor graphic layout knowledge.

With pixelBook can I only create apps for iPad?
PixelBook allows you to create apps and publish content for both Apple and Android,whether smartphone or tablet.

Can I use pixelBook to create an eBook?
No. The eBook format is particularly suited to the publication of books. PixelBook creates real apps, which you can download and install on the "desktop" of your device.

Can I also publish on the internet with pixelBook?
Yes! PixelBook can publish you content directly on your website. And the integration is very easy.

Are the apps created by pixelBook Web apps or natives?
Native! Pixelbook creates only native apps for iOS and Android. The native apps are much more efficient and make the most of your device.

Can I create a newsstand with pixelBook that includes lots of publications?
Yes, with the Standard and Advanced license you can create an app newsstand.

Can I add my app to the Apple newsstand?
Yes, on the condition you can activate the subscription function for publications.

Can I publish both free and paid content?
Yes, you can choose whether to publish your content for free, for a fee or with a subscription, all within the same newsstand.

Does pixelBook show me a preview of my app before publishing it?
Yes, you can see a preview of your app directly on your device (tablet or smartphone), by connecting it to the same Wi-Fi network of the PC/Mac.

I created a magazine with pixelBook, but I don't see the preview on my tablet, why?
Be sure, that your PC or Mac is connected to the Wi-Fi network, that you have turned on the Wi-Fi connection on your tablet and connected it to the network. If you continue to have problems and you are in a corporate network, ask your system administrator! You will probably have to change your network configuration.

Can I add videos into my publications?
Yes, you can add videos by uploading them from your own PC/Mac or in streaming.

Can I only import PDF files with pixelBook?
Absolutely not, PDF is just one of the many formats supported. You can also import JPG and PNG images and mix them with the PDF-s.

Can I create an app with a private area, protected by username/password, so that only some users are able to access that content?
Yes, in the Advanced version pixelBook enables you to create private access areas only accessible to some users. In the same app, however, you can also add public content.

Can I only publish my apps in the stores (AppStore, GooglePlay) or can I also distribute them privately via my intranet?
It is not necessary to publish the apps in the stores. PixelBook lets you choose if you'd like to distribute the app privately with an Enterprise Apple certificate (in the case of iOS devices), or freely in the case of Android devices.

In order to publish my app, do I have to sign up for the Apple and/or Android license programs?
PixelBook leaves you a lot of freedom in publishing the app. If you are an advanced user, and you want to publish your app in the stores: no problem! PixelBook gives you the app and you publish it. If you would rather we take care of the publishing, we can do that for you. If you publish using the name "pixelBook", the publication will be free. If you'd like to use your name instead, there will be an additional cost (please consult our price list).

What happens if I don't renew my license at the end of the year? Will my apps remain in the stores or will they be removed?
If your annual license expires and is not renewed, the apps remain in the stores and will continue to operate for a period of 6 months. During this period they can't be updated. After this period the content will be removed and the app, even remaining in the stores, will be "empty".

The Android app is OpenSource, how can I get the source code?
We decided to release this app under OpenSource license so every developer can learn from it and contribute to make it better.
You can get the source code writing to us using the contact form.

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