Light License

49 €/month

Your app, which can be published on both  App Store™ and Google Play™ (Amazon and web with an extra option), fully customized. You can install our MAC and PC editor (up to 5 workstations), to autonomously edit your contents: magazines, house organs, brochures, catalogues, etc. All your content is viewed as a digital newsstand. You can also add paid content, via in-app purchase.


No extra charge based on downloads, interactions or views.




App submission

We provide the app in iOS and Android OS formats, ready to go live on the App Stores: if you want us to submit it to Google and Apple, 

an extra 250 € will be charged to you for each app. Apple and Google developer licenses are not included.


Annual fee

If you prefer to pay the whole annual fee in advance, the price drops to 549 € per year, which means an extra 7% off.


  • Mobile newsstand

  • Multimedia content

  • Social integration

  • Push notifications

  • 6 issues included

  • 1 month support